Friday, May 8, 2009

Feather and fan shrug


1 circular needle 4.5 mm

Crochet hook, 3.5 mm

1 stitch marker

1 1/2 balls (75 g) Ístex Loðband – Einband


Stitch patterns:

Feather and fan, worked flat:

1st row - K

2nd row - P

3rd row – *k2tog 3 times, yo k1 6 times, k2tog 3 times, repeat from * to end

4th row – K


Feather and fan, worked in the round:

1st round – K

2nd round – K

3rd round – *k2tog 3 times, yo k1 6 times, k2tog 3 times, repeat from * to end

4th round - P



 Gauge – 18 stitches (1 pattern repeat of feather and fan, worked flat) and 20 ro

ws (5 pattern

 repeats of feather and fan) = 9 cm




CO 126

Work even in feather and fan pattern until piece measures 40 cm (or the length from neck to waist) from CO edge, laid flat.



1st round (1st round in feather and fan pattern) - Pick up and knit 126 stitches along CO edge, and 126 stitches along BO edge, to work in the round.


2nd round (2nd round in feather and fan pattern) - Knit around until 6 stitches remain, PM for new beginning of round. ( Note: It is not necessary to move the beginning of the round. I did it so that the pattern would not match up on either side (otherwise it would match on one side and not the other))


3rd and 4th round – work round 3 and 4 in feather and fan pattern.


Work feather and fan pattern 5 times more, or until ruffle is desired length.







Crochet armhole edge:

Join yarn at corner of armhole (where CO and BO edges join).


1st round - SC around, working 2 or 3 sc per pattern repeat in the knitting. (This will tighten the armhole a little)


2nd round – SC, *skip 1, 5 HDC in next stitch, skip 1, SC, repeat from * around (approximately 15 times), finishing with slip stitch into first stitch. Fasten off.


Work the same for other armhole.



Weave in ends and block.




Note: I made this shrug to fit me, I have a 108 cm/42 inch bust and measure 40 cm/15 ½ inches over the shoulders (from shoulderbone to shoulderbone).

You can easily make the shrug smaller or larger by casting on fewer or more stitches at the beginning, to a multiple of 18, and then picking up your stitch count along both the CO edge and the BO edge.